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Tapping Your Vitality: Movement and Awareness

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Are you in need of some optimistic news? Perhaps your body has something to tell you.

I recently taught a lesson in a class that challenged most of the students. It involved more complexity than some had experienced before, and they had to sense their shifting weight while finding flexibility in the hip joint, which was not possible without activating certain muscles in their back. That particular movement concept felt unfamiliar to some.

As I gave the instruction, I received a few, “You want me to do what?” looks from them. But then, they continued playing with the movement I had described-- slowly, carefully exploring the seemingly pointless concept, until, one by one, they each discovered something new, and what had seemed impossible not only became possible, but, for some, turned into something easy.

If you have ever taken a deep dive into a hobby or some other activity that you enjoy but that requires an enjoyable level of concentration and attention, you know what a Feldenkrais lesson might feel like. My students, sparked by something that, at first challenged to the point of almost-irritation, but then became easy and clear, reached a point at which the new learning was a surprising joy, and eventually easy! Some students wanted to know when that particular lesson will again be included in class. There was almost a buzz in the room at the end, with easy smiles and conversation, people chatting from a new, lighter place in themselves.

Feldenkrais lessons take us into a nurturing zone of play, exploration, novelty, choice and surprise. The experience provides just enough structure to feel secure, but plenty of freedom to adapt and modify as you learn to listen to yourself.

Many of us delay quality listening to ourselves and our needs for the sake of caring for others. What might it do for the quality of your attention and connection that you have with others if you insert some informative and kind care for yourself? There is plenty within you to explore.

If "just enough" challenge sounds good to you, or if you could use a little optimism or reconnection, call or message me for upcoming session information. Or check out the offerings on this site. Come and hear what your body wants to tell you!


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