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Meet Mary

Mary Rudd worked in the public and private education sector for thirty years. She served as a high school English

Language Arts teacher, school and district administrator, and a statewide literacy, leadership, and school improvement 

consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education and for the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning. She was also a visiting instructor of education at Centre College. 

A 2016 graduate of the Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore, Mary now devotes her professional life

to somatic education, which she views as a natural progression in her passion for the science of learning and teaching, human growth and development, the body and embodiment, and contemplative studies.


Often described by colleagues as nurturing and supportive of others' growth, she is happy to work with individuals in deepening their capacity for self knowledge, resilience, and learning.

Mary Rudd, Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner


An ‘Awareness Through Movement’ class that I'm taking has opened up my thinking considerably. In it you're encouraged to stay curious, to realize that there are many options other than what you turn to by habit,

and to allow yourself to wonder without needing immediate answers.

It's amazing where that can take you.

--- Katherine Updegraff White, Local Artist

"After a work day in  which I took 18,000 steps and spent 7 hours pulling weeds, raking leaves, moving railroad ties, painting fences...I FELT GREAT! The next morning, my 70+ year old body was still fine. Mary has helped me enough that I am beginning to be able to help myself. I have much more to experience/learn but am excited that Feldenkrais® is in my life." 

--- Pam Rogers





"I’ve incorporated ideas and movements from class into my morning routine, reducing back and hip pain, while gaining range of movement. I’m also increasingly thoughtful of my body position while driving and performing daily tasks. The Feldenkrais Method and Mary Rudd can be a great, drug-free supplement to today’s healthcare."


                                                                                 --- David Matheny




"Each lesson has taught me about the connection between my mind, body, and the environment around me.  I have a new awareness about how I am feeling on a daily basis and have learned processes to help center myself.   It is hard to put into words the positive impact of the Feldenkrais method in my life, but it inspires incredible belief in the potential of the mind and body to function more cohesively and efficiently to live more connected and pain free."


---Jane Goatley

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