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Register Now for 2023 Classes and Packages


Wednesdays, 10am, beginning January 4

(Meeting dates: January 4 through February 15)

In-Studio or Online. Audio recordings sent to students. $105.00

Thursdays, 6pm, beginning January 5

(Meeting dates: January 5, 19, 26; February 2, 9; March 2, 9)

In-Studio or Online. Audio recordings sent to students. $105.00


Are you interested in a Tuesday or Wednesday evening class? Call or send an email to inquire!

*It is generally advised that new students have at least one Functional Integration session during the course. New students receive a discount on their first Functional Integration.



Wise Move Studio One Day Retreat

April 15, 2023

"I am still feeling the positive effects of the wonderful day at your studio."

--Retreat participant

Your Resilient Back: A New Package Offering

Learn to undo protective movement patterns for a more flexible, supportive, and full use of yourself for back resilience. After a consultation, which includes an initial Functional Integration session, I will work with you to create the package that best suits your needs and interests. 

What is Involved? 

*Sustained participation is important when you are learning new habits, which is why I am packaging classes and private sessions with a minimum of one class series and four Functional Integration commitments. This offer does not apply to a class series that is less than six weeks long. 

*Audio recordings help you continue learning and make up missed lessons. 

*Discounted Functional Integration sessions are included with package. Example: For early 2023, I am teaching seven week classes. The class cost is $105.00 and the four discounted sessions cost $340.00 (a $20.00 savings). The total cost is $445.00. For new students, the total cost is $535.00 because it includes the initial consultation, which includes an extensive interview and a Functional Integration session. 

*As new classes are added to the schedule, the same discounts for Functional Integration sessions will apply for those who commit to at least four. 

*Personalization within the package extends to additional resources provided if useful, including other recorded lessons.


Contact Mary at for more information and a consultation. *The initial consultation fee for new students who want to participate in the  is $90.00.

Important Note: The Feldenkrais Method is not a treatment or therapy. It is a learning modality, and students engage in a process of learning greater self-knowledge, deepening habits of resiliency, and the skill of sensory attunement including variations of movements through sensory motor learning. The desired outcome of engaging in this somatic practice is learning how to learn: How to make a supportive shift in one's relationship with self, including the body/mind concept as well as practical knowledge, skill, and personal resources for self-support. 


                         --Ruth Morrison, Student

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Awareness Through Movement classes are gentle, structured, guided movement lessons, usually given in a group setting. Students learn to pay greater attention to themselves---mindfulness in body.  Students sense and notice changes in musculature as the lesson progresses, and often report benefits which extend beyond physical benefits. Flexibility is more than physical, and encompasses our movement, thoughts and emotions.

Awareness Through Movement series explore balance, whole body connections, coordination,

efficiency in movement, and the human capacity for creative living, learning and change. Like the private sessions, these lessons are often profound, eye-opening, and immediately impactful.

What should I expect?

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