Classes and Series

  2020 Classes

All classes are currently online via Zoom due to the global pandemic:

Also, private, personalized Awareness Through Movement® sessions are available by scheduling with Mary

November Schedule

Eight Days, Eight Lessons: A Daily Practice for Balance and Equilibrium
We know that mindful movement helps the brain as well as the body. Changes you feel in one 45 minute lesson occur because you have engaged your attention with your sensations through carefully constructed movement. 

If you can feel different within 45 minutes, what is possible for you if you do a lesson every day for eight days? And, who does not need a little extra knowledge about feeling balanced and stable right now? 











Email Mary to register: maryrudd@wisemovestudio.com



**New Class: Exploring "Ease and Mastery" in Movement 

My latest professional read is Moving from the Inside Out: Seven Principles for Ease and Mastery in Movement  by Julie Peck, a Canadian Feldenkrais Trainer. Her book  provides straightforward information about the key movement principles that we use in hundreds of Feldenkrais lesson and I will reference the book during my new short weekly series. 


Monday night series: November 16-December 20th.

6pm for six weeks.


Audio recordings available post-class

Class will generally last for an hour

Email Mary to register: maryrudd@wisemovestudio.com





December Schedule

**New Thursday Class: What Can you do with Your Spine? 
Re-imagine and Re-connect with your spine: Three weeks. December 3, 10. and 17th.
$65.00 Thursdays at 10am; Thursdays at 6pm
*Class might last up to 1.5 hours each
*Audio recordings available 
*Flexible times for students 


Email Mary to register:


Eight Days, Eight Lessons: November 11-November 20th (weekdays only)
7:30am--8:15am each weekday. $120.00
*Recorded for use on your own.
*Scheduled for most people to do before you go to work
*Each lesson will be shorter than 45 minutes. 
*Q and A after each lesson for anyone wishing to stay

Combined Class and Private Sessions packages available. Contact Mary for details.


Awareness Through Movement® classes are gentle, structured, guided movement lessons, usually given in a group setting. Students learn to pay greater attention to themselves---mindfulness in body.  Students sense and notice changes in musculature as the lesson progresses, and often report benefits which extend beyond physical benefits. Flexibility is more than physical, and encompasses our movement, thoughts and emotions.

Awareness Through Movement® series explore balance, whole body connections, coordination,

efficiency in movement, and the human capacity for creative living, learning and change. Like the private sessions, these lessons are often profound, eye-opening, and immediately impacting.

What should I expect?