Classes and Series

  2020 Classes

All classes are currently online via Zoom due to the global pandemic:

*Thursday morning and evening classes.

*Themed Saturday classes

*Private group classes of two or more

Also, private, personalized ATM sessions are available by scheduling with Mary

NEW Classes: Move Better, Feel Better

Thursdays at 10am or at 6:30pm:


Eight weeks. September 10-October 29. $120.00.


Contact Mary to register at maryrudd@wisemovestudio.com


Awareness Through Movement® series: Building Resilience from the Inside-Out. Awareness of physical resilience often relates to other areas of one's life.This eight week ATM series is appropriate for all levels of experience.


Changes Making You Feel Less in Control?

Life is full of transitions and September is a transition month. Join me for a supportive four weeks of Awareness through Movement. If you are experiencing a major transition in life, Feldenkrais can offer potent ways to move through with more ease, presence, and stability. 

September Saturdays: Moving through Transitions

This class is for anyone, but is especially useful if changes are making you feel less in control of your life. Movement lessons help you feel your relationship with the ground, with gravity, and within your body. Move forward with more ease, physically and otherwise.

Saturday mornings at 10am. $80.00

Combined Class and Private Sessions packages available. Contact Mary for details.


Awareness Through Movement® classes are gentle, structured, guided movement lessons, usually given in a group setting. Students learn to pay greater attention to themselves---mindfulness in body.  Students sense and notice changes in musculature as the lesson progresses, and often report benefits which extend beyond physical benefits. Flexibility is more than physical, and encompasses our movement, thoughts and emotions.

Awareness Through Movement® series exploring balance, whole body connections, coordination,

efficiency in movement, and the human capacity for creative living, learning and change. Like the private sessions, these lessons are often profound, eye-opening, and immediately impacting.

What should I expect?