Resource Roundup: Fear, Anxiety, and Falling with Confidence

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

One of the most important things to know about this work is that it is incredibly optimistic and realistic. This work is not about escaping reality; it is about learning how to be present with and work with our reality. Read more below.

Showing up for one's life is a creative process of exploration, rest, and allowing things to take the time that they take. By engaging in such a process, with support, and with an attitude of playfulness. nonjudgment, and curiosity, we find that we have the inner resources to navigate our lives in healthy ways.

Julie Francis has developed a program called Calm Your Nerves and has a book available with that title. Julie's way of sharing and combining research and actions in dealing with anxiety in her book is a beautiful read and sight to behold. Once we understand how to listen to our body's messages, we can begin to turn around the problem of our fears controlling us; instead, we can learn to work with our fears and get through them.

Speaking of fears, the fear of falling is a concern among those who are 65 plus, but in reality, no one likes or wants to fall. Lavinia Plonka has explored this fear and developed workshops, a video, and a book on the topic. Check out her page here. Her book titled, The Little Book of Falling (And Getting Up) is a very accessible read. I use it to guide some of my teaching, as I do Julie's book mentioned above.

Though we Feldenkrais practitioners try heartily to use the appropriate words, expressions, and images to convey what this work is all about, the truth is that, to a large degree, the essence of it can remain elusive through only words. I think that for most people, it must be experienced to be fully grasped. However, Ira Feinstein's blog about how one year of Functional Integration® sessions helped him show up for his life is, in my opinion, a beautiful and respectful piece. Titled, Investing in My Future: How I Changed my Life One Feldenkrais Lesson at a Time it is written in a way that is respectful of the reader...who truly does not need every significance spelled out for him.

There are so many useful creations and products by practitioners. The best way to get started is to seek a practitioner to work with you or take a class, but if that is not possible or if you wish to explore on your own, there are great resources available to you. I hope that this and the other Resource Roundups on my page serve as useful information for you. I want people to be educated and informed about what this method can bring to our lives!